We are happy to introduce The first Electronic Nargila / Hookah in the world

You must have it !!!

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Many factories and companies have tried in the last 5 years to develop the first Electronic Nargila/ Hookah and until today without any real positive results.
We are the first and only Factory in the world that produces today the Electronic Nargila / Hookah !!!
A quick search by Google or YouTube will give numerous links for people who had tried without success to create an Electronic Nargila / Hookah we are the only ones who made a fully portable Electronic Nargila / Hookah which is suitable for use on a tradition and unmodified Nargila.

We are happy to be the first and the only one to develop an Electronic Nargila/ Hookah that works and feel the same as smoking traditional Nargila.

Our Electronic Nargila / Hookah is the only external one that fit to most of the Traditional Nargila / Hookah that in the market.

The Electronic Nargila / Hookah that we have developed can be used on most of the Nargila devices that there is and works and will give the same effect as the traditional Nargila. The Electronic Nargila / Hookah which we developed is small in size, user friendly, fully portable and most importantly the Electronic Nargila / Hookah is environmental friendly. As per smoking experience, the Electronic Nargila / Hookah offers a vast variety of flavors which gives a similar or better smoking experience (according to a survey we held) than traditional Nargila.
Today's world is moving towards a clean environment, the Electronic Nargila / Hookah gives a very high level solution for it.
The Electronic Nargila / Hookah smoke is vapor smoking and it is influential to the Ozone layer and the environment. Today when the world changes and start to ban public smoking the Electronic Nargila / Hookah is the solution When you are smoking the Electronic Nargila you are not influencing the environment and the people close to you The Electronic Nargila comes with different flavors and different nicotine levels starting as low as 0 mg Nicotine up to the nicotine level of your choice. Visit our website to learn more about our products and contact us with any questions.